Breakfast Smoothies 101

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I am still enjoying relatively laid back mornings with my boys. I can get to the gym or go for a run before the house stirs and eat something healthy with the kids when they wake up. No lunches to pack, no school bags to find, no bus to catch. Summer bliss.

But, back to school is only two weeks away.  Soon it will be a challenge to find ten minutes to eat before we all head off for the day. A healthy, delicious morning smoothie – even on the go – can fill an empty stomach and fuel the brain.

All you need is a decent blender and some on-the-go reusable cups.

A few tips:

  • Add your liquids first, then yogurt, then fruit.
  • Except in the case of bananas, frozen fruit is the better option. You’ll end up with a cold smoothie without the addition of ice.
  • To up the protein in any smoothie, use Greek yogurt.
  • Sweeten with honey, if necessary, never sugar.


Here are a few of the best recipes out there; enjoy!


Great for the kids!
(hint: go ahead and use chocolate milk instead of cocoa)

Chocolate-Cherry Breakfast Smoothie

Banana Breakfast Smoothie


Instead of Coffee
(ok, I know…instead of a second coffee)

Green Tea Smoothie

Coffee-Banana Smoothie

Citrus Energy-Boosting Smoothie


Post workout

Chocolate Peanut Butter


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