Being Crafty Part 3: The Path To Being Craft

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Why would you be crazy enough to even start a craft brewery or distillery? We had to ask the question. You’ll be surprised by the answers.

The three part Being Crafty docu-series looks at the world of craft brewers and distillers. As they work in one of the fastest growing segments in the alcohol production world, they make tough decisions. Do you go organic, how do you source, how do you make your mark in a saturated market?

Quench Magazine editor, Aldo Parise, interviews 5 master makers: Joel Manning at Mill Street, Mike Pentesco at Oast, Greg Newton at Ontario Spring Water Sake, Goeff Dillon at Dillons and Jesse Razaqpur at Toronto Distillery Company. Together they draw an exciting picture of what it’s like to be craft.



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One response to “Being Crafty Part 3: The Path To Being Craft”

  1. thehesitantchef says:

    This is really interesting to me as I started to home-brew a little while ago and love it. I would love to open up my own microbrewery someday, but it’s a bit terrifying as the market IS over saturated…

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