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With the 2010 edition of the All Canadian Wine Championships judging having just wrapped up and the results now in, it gives us great pleasure to share our insiders’ impressions of the event. We have to begin by remarking that with 1,143 wines in the event yet another record was set, with wines entered literally from coast to coast. Not just the size of this field, but the remarkable consistency of the wines competing made it a truly exciting experience for our panel of judges. The quality of wines from all regions seems to have escalated a notch or two, and as a result the scores were extremely close for all categories. That means that even those wines that did not receive awards deserve much credit.

The All Canadian Wine Championships has been around since 1981. Twenty plus years of experience has earned the championship a considerable amount of respect from the wine world. Take a look at the list of medal winners.

Best Red Wine of the Year
Desert Hills Estate Winery, BC
2006 Syrah Select  $34.90

Best White Wine of the Year
Lake Breeze Vineyards, BC
2009 Pinot Blanc  $17.90

Best Sparkling Wine of the Year
Huff Estates Winery, ON
2006 Cuvee Peter F. Huff  $39.95

Best Dessert Wine of the Year
(Sponsored by Ontario Viniculture Association)
Vignoble du Marathonien, QC
2008 Vidal Vendange Tardives  $28.00

Best Fruit Wine of the Year
(Sponsored by Ontario Viniculture Association)
Applewood Farm Winery, ON
Madrigal Meade  $14.95

Best Value Wine of the Year
Hernder Estate Winery
2007 Riesling  $8.95

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