5 pie and beer holiday pairing experiments to try

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pecan pie and beer pairing

Everyone loves pie. And so, in anticipation of the pending holiday pie influx, the beer experts at North Coast Brewing Company have shared some fun and festive pie and beer pairings with Quench. Yes, we know pie and beer might sound unconventional, and maybe even a bit sinful, but we figure that our readers are already planning on indulging in seasonal brews this winter, so why not give your imbibing a sweet twist?

Joe Seta, Visitor Service Marketing Manager at North Coast Brewing Company, manages hospitality services for North Coast Brewing Company. Seta is especially involved with North Coast Brewing’s Sequoia Room – a jazz venue connected to the North Coast Brewing Company Taproom, Restaurant & Bar.

The North Coast Brewing Restaurant, Taproom & Bar boasts a full menu for guests and routinely pairs its menu offerings with the brewery’s wide-ranging roster of beers. “Pairing beer and pie may be somewhat unusual, but it’s actually a great idea,” advises Seta. “Beer isn’t given enough credit as to the complexity it can add when correctly paired with the unexpected, including various cheeses, seafood dishes and even desserts,” adds Seta. “Pies come in so many different and delicious flavors and textures, providing an ideal canvas for experimenting with various beers, from smooth ales to rich stouts.”

Ready to experiment with pairing beer and pie this holiday season? Below are Seta’s recommended pie pairings with a selection of North Coast Brewing’s beers, but of course, there are endless possibilities.

Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout with Pecan Pie

This pairing is a personal favorite because the sweetness of fresh pecan pie effortlessly cuts the rich and intense flavors of a traditionally-made stout – similar to the classic pairing of coffee and pie. Plus, you can’t go wrong with Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, which just won gold at the Tastings.com World Beer Championships and defines the Russian imperial stout style in the Cicerone Certification Program (the beer equivalent to sommelier training).

Laguna Baja Mexican-Style Dark Lager with Pumpkin Pie

In my experience, the full, malty tones of this seasonally released dark lager perfectly accompany the earthy and fruity taste of pumpkin. I usually recommend serving pumpkin pie with freshly whipped cream to balance the richness of the pie, but the lightness of a lager will do that for you.

Le Merle Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale with Tart Apple Pie

When pairing pie with a farmhouse ale like the La Merle, I would select tart or green baking apples to contrast with the beer’s refreshing smoothness.

Old Stock Ale and Chocolate Cream Pie

I’m a chocolate fan, and obviously a huge beer guy, so the combo of rich coco melding with the hoppiness of this classic ale, which is often compared to a port wine, is my idea of an ideal holiday indulgence.

Red Seal Ale with Shepherd’s Pie

It wouldn’t be a complete list without a savory pie. In my experience, the spicy finish of a full-bodied red ale is a fitting match for savory spices and flavors.


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