3 Northern Maverick brews chase away winter blahs

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Northern Maverick brews

While beer is most typically associated with sun, fun, warm weather, and all the other things that can be hard to come by during a Canadian winter, Northern Maverick Brewing Co. has released a trio of specialty brews that should help warm both the body and soul.

Enforcer IPA

The Enforcer IPA will transport your thoughts out of the snow and cold and into places more hospitable. With aromas of citrus, pine, anise, and dried herbs. Medium-bodied, it’s gently carbonated, creamy, zesty, and slightly malty, with pronounced tropical fruit nuances.

Captain’s Keep 2018 Barrel Aged Dark Sour

This Barrel Aged Dark Sour spends six months aging in Caribbean rum casks. The result is a brew with a dark amber colour and reddish hews, and distinctive rum, molasses, sultana aromas with a slight hint of green apple and vanilla. While the nose suggests something sweet might follow, the palate is refreshingly dry, with hints of baking spice, cocoa and dried fruits. A subtle bitterness on the finish adds to the overall crisp impression.

Tsar Wars Imperial Stout

Soothing, rich and roasty, the Tsar Wars Imperial Stout is an opaque black beer complex with notes of unsweetened chocolate, espresso, molasses and toffee finishing with a smokey chocolatey-coffee aroma. At eight percent ABV, it’s definitely warming, and its light carbonation results in a full, velvety mouthfeel.

Located in downtown Toronto, Northern Maverick Brewing Co. is housed in an 11,000 square foot facility that features a fully operational brewery as well as a 400-seat restaurant that features a “fiercely local” menu.


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